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Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

People seeking refuge in Australia are frequently in a situation of living in poverty and surviving on the margins of Australian society. The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) was established to provide support, skills, knowledge and resources to asylum seekers to support them to be independent engaged, proud and resilient future Australian citizens.

Since 2001, the ASRC has operated as an independent not-for-profit organisation that protects and upholds the human rights, wellbeing and dignity of asylum seekers. Today, it addresses asylum seekers’ needs beyond the direct provision of aid and includes services such as education, training and employment support.

In 2008, the Trust invited the ASRC to become a Collaboration, to assist the ASRC to build its organisational capacity and financial sustainability. The funding was used to fund key positions within the organisation including the employment of a volunteer coordinator, financial operations coordinator, food bank coordinator and financial administration and community health worker positions. The Trust made the ASRC a Collaboration in recognition of their dedication to support and deliver services to asylum seekers, at a time when government policy and public discourse has left community-based asylum seekers some of the most marginalised and vulnerable people in Victoria.

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