Centre for Community Child Health – Linking Schools and Early Years & Seminar Series

The  Linking Schools and Early Years project was established in response to findings from Trust funded research by the Centre for Community Child Health (CCCH). The CCCH found that barriers faced by vulnerable children when starting school may be overcome by strong partnerships between schools and early years’ services, families and the community.

CCCH facilitators aim to support and build capacity of local partnerships across three pilot communities:

  • Corio/Norlane, City of Greater Geelong
  • Footscray, City of Maribyrnong
  • Hastings, Mornington Peninsula Shire

The ‘place-based’ nature of the project model has enabled community partnerships to develop service systems that respond to the needs of local children and families.
Each community partnership has identified and implemented locally relevant strategies around three project goals:

  1. Children and families making a smooth transition to school
  2. Actively engaging and involving families in their children’s education
  3. Schools being responsive to the individual learning needs of all children

Findings from the project continue to be communicated widely to support system and practice change in Victoria and Australia

The Seminar Series focused on ensuring that communities, service systems and government have access to the latest research and practice evidence, and continue to use this evidence to inform their planning and service delivery. It has been instrumental in providing those who work with children and families with up-to-date research findings, and information about relevant issues, such as strategies to develop early years services.

Visit the Linking Schools and Early Years website.