Ganbina is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to empower Aboriginal communities to achieve true social and economic equality with other Australians in the next two generations. It works towards this by supporting young Aboriginal secondary school students in Shepparton and the Goulburn Valley to complete their education, training or work experience and develop necessary life skills.

Ganbina operates independently and is free from political, religious or other affiliations. It operates entirely on support received from philanthropy, corporate sponsors and individual donors.

Since 2001, the Trust has provided five grants totalling $1,873,806 to Ganbina. In 2004, Ganbina became a Collaboration of the R E Ross Trust, which enabled the Trust to assist Ganbina in developing financial budgeting and planning processes, and cover administration and core infrastructure costs.

To date over 500 participants have completed Ganbina programs and are well on their way to securing successful, financially independent futures. Many have become inspirational figures for others, particularly young people, in their communities. Ganbina aims to replicate the model in other communities to assist Aboriginal communities across Australia achieve social and economic equality with other Australians.

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