Completing an application

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Can I apply for a grant in 2018-19?

The Ross Trust granting strategy is changing. Information on the new granting priorities and guidelines will be introduced before the start of the new financial year.

As a consequence of this change, the Ross Trust is not accepting further applications for grants for the 2018-19 financial year.

All decisions on current applications will be made by April.

Keep an eye out for further information on our new strategic direction and how to apply under the new model for 2019-20.

Can I contact the Trust if I am having trouble filling in the application form?

Yes, in fact the Trust recommends you call the office to discuss your application prior to submission.

What does in-kind contribution mean in the budget section?

In-kind contributions are non-financial contributions made to the project which can be given a cash value, this could be staff time or the organisation’s equipment, office space and so on. An approximate value of this contribution should be calculated and added as a budget line in both the expenditure and the income sections of the budget.

Should the income and expenditure totals in the budget section equal the same amount?

Yes, the budget section of the application should only reference the specific project you are seeking funding for. Therefore income and expenditure should equal.

What if my CEO or delegated equivalent is unavailable to sign the Endorsement on the application form?

If the CEO is not available to sign the Endorsement (e.g. is away on extended leave) the reason for this should be outlined in the endorsement section. An authorised senior person may then sign the Endorsement.

What if my organisation doesn’t have an annual report?

You should note this in the ‘Notes to accounts’ section of your application form. If your organisation has a newsletter, bulletin or minutes from the annual general meeting these can be included. This information helps the Trust get a picture of the people within the organisation and the activities being undertaken.

What if my organisation doesn’t have audited accounts?

The Trust understands that some organisations are not required to have audited accounts. The Trust will accept a profit and loss balance sheet or statement of accounts from your accountant or accounting package.

Should I include support letters with my application?

Letters supporting your application are well regarded if they are relevant and support your case for funding.

When will we find out if the application was successful?

The process of evaluation, assessment and approval can take up to four months. Once assessed, all applicants will be notified in writing whether or not the application was successful.

Do my referees need to be external to my organisation?

Yes, and please ensure you advise your referee that you have listed them on your application.

Do my referees need to have knowledge of my organisation or of my project?

It is a requirement that your referees must have sound knowledge of your organisation and/or your project however, cannot benefit financially from your project i.e. be a contractor vying for work on the project.