R E Ross Trust Natural Disaster Program

Historically, the R E Ross Trust has made contributions to appeals following regional, State and internationally declared natural disasters. Given the increasing frequency of the natural disasters locally and worldwide, the Trust has articulated a Trust policy on granting in response to a natural disaster. This policy is outlined below.

Ross Trust Natural Disaster Operating Principles

  • A disaster must be declared by the relevant power before the Trust will determine whether it will respond
  • Disasters are priority determined in the following way:
    • Regional (within Victoria)
    • State
    • National
    • Asia Pacific Region
    • Rest of world
  • If outside Australia, consideration will be given to need based on whether it is a developing or developed nation and/or the level of support it may attract
  • The level of contribution will be sufficient to make an impact on the disaster
  • The grant will be made to a trusted organisation/s based on experience and/or research
  • Further grants may be made to assist in preventative work in disaster affected areas
  • Trustees will approve a grant for a natural disaster on case by case basis and in a timely manner

Recent Ross Trust Granting under this Program
2011 FRRR  $100,000
Victorian floods

2010 Oxfam/UNICEF  $100,000
Pakistan floods

2009 FRRR   $100,000
Victorian bushfires

2004  CARE Australia  $50,000
Asian Tsunami