Biodiversity conservation

Granting guidelines
Please read the granting guidelines and complete the eligibility check before attempting to apply for a Smart Grant

 Please note: Smart Grant applications via our website for Biodiversity Conservation are on hold until 30 June 2023.

 Desired Change: Victoria’s biodiversity is conserved, protected and valued by all as part of a healthy and resilient environment

The Ross Trust recognises the challenges to conserving Victoria’s biodiversity and protecting our unique native species. To contribute to addressing this issue, the Trust is working towards a desired change that is focused on conserving and building resilience in Victoria’s land and marine environments. This desired change will assist with guiding the Trust’s work and those seeking funding, to target and focus our work together, towards common outcomes. 

Our Biodiversity Conservation funding priority supports increased and coordinated biodiversity conservation actions and increased community support for conservation. It is informed by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 14 and 15, knowledge from our grantees, published research and sector expertise.

Smart Grants are one of the ways the Ross Trust will fund organisations working to make a difference in biodiversity conservation.

We welcome applications from organisations which seek to move one of the following levers of change:

  • Build collaborations and partnerships  – coordinate planning and action to conserve Victoria’s biodiversity.
  • Build organisational capacity  – support organisational sustainability and equip organisations and communities to advocate for the protection and preservation of Victoria’s biodiversity.
  • Improve public awareness and education – so that Victorians understand the value of biodiversity and act to conserve and protect it.

The grant guidelines and theory of change, which are downloadable from the top of this page, provide a thorough explanation of the funding priorities which are particularly applicable to Ross Trust grants for biodiversity conservation.

Please note the exclusions and hints and tips before you start an application and you may want to download the sample application form and indicator dictionary to help guide you.