Fund amount:
$10,000 for one year

Program area:
Flora and Fauna



Humane approach to feral cat threat

21 Feb 2019

In 2017, the Ross Trust provided a $10,000 grant to the Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered Species to allow it to optimise and test a new humane trap called the Felixer; an automated feral cat control device.

Feral cats represent a key threat to many vertebrates in Australia but have proven difficult to control due to their reluctance to take baits or enter traps when food is abundant. Through a decade of applied research collaborations, a tool has been developed that takes advantage of feral cats’ unique behaviour and morphology.

Grooming traps are humane, targeted and effective, automatically applying a measured dose of toxin to a cat’s fur, which is ingested when they groom.

The project enables engineering optimisation to enhance the performance of the grooming traps, as well as field testing of the Felixer prior to commercialisation.