Eligibility and funding guidelines

Can I apply for a grant in 2018-19?

The Ross Trust granting strategy is changing. Information on the new granting priorities and guidelines will be introduced before the start of the new financial year.

As a consequence of this change, the Ross Trust is not accepting further applications for grants for the 2018-19 financial year.

All decisions on current applications will be made by April.

Keep an eye out for further information on our new strategic direction and how to apply under the new model for 2019-20.

Am I still eligible to apply if my organisation is not endorsed by the ATO as a Tax Concession Charity or Deductible Gift Recipient?

Yes, the Trust does not require organisations to hold DGR or TCC status. Any organisation may apply for funding if the work is charitable in nature.

Will the Trust fund public schools? Or are they considered a government entity?

Yes, we do accept applications from government-funded schools.

I require more funds than the maximum grant limit. Can I request more than this?

The Trust is unable to provide funding exceeding the maximum grant limit. If you require more funding than our maximum limit allows please refer to the Resources page or the Philanthropy Australia website to search for other philanthropic organisations whose funding guidelines are better suited to your needs.

My project will be of benefit for Victorians and a national audience too, can I still apply for a grant?

Yes, however, your project must be based in Victoria and carry out the work in Victoria.

If I have been unsuccessful can I re-apply?

Yes, but not for the same project unless significant changes have been made, please contact the Trust to discuss the application before re-applying.

I currently hold funding from the Trust, can I apply for additional funding for the same project?

An organisation is not eligible to apply for additional funding for the same project until the initial funding has been expended and a satisfactory final report received.

I currently hold funding from the Trust, can I apply for additional funding for a different project?

The Trust does not place any limitations on the number of grants an organisation may hold at one time, however, funding for another project will only be considered if a satisfactory 12 month progress report has been received for all other Trust’s funded projects.

If the Trust funds my project, will they own the Intellectual Property?

No, the applicant organisation will retain all Intellectual Property for the project.

What do we do if our project fits into more than one Program Area?

While your project may fit into multiple Program Areas it may only be submitted to one. Please apply to the area that you think it best fits, and the Trust will internally reallocate it to a different Program Area if it believes that it is necessary or more suitable.

Do the Trust's Program Areas change over time?

Yes, the Trust reviews its Program Areas, grant exclusions and priorities annually. Please refer to the website for the most up to date information.

How does my organisation qualify for your Collaborations or Programs?

Organisations may only apply for funding in the Trust’s open grants process. Selection to be involved in the Trust’s Programs and Collaborations is by invitation only, and is based on a history of achieving successful outcomes in specific Program Areas.

Does the Trust fund wages and operating costs i.e. electricity and administration?


What is a major piece of equipment?

The Trust considers a major piece of equipment to be any purchase over $500 that provides an asset base for the organisation.

What is capital works?

Any purchase, maintenance or renovations of a building.