Ross Trust grant conditions

The R E Ross Trust places Standard Grant Conditions on the grants it makes. Except in special circumstances, grant conditions are the standard conditions, which do not require GST to be paid on the grant.

Reporting on your grant

The Trust requires all organisations in receipt of a grant to submit a final report detailing expenditure and outcomes within two months of completion of the grant. If your organisation is currently in receipt of a multi-year grant, the Ross Trust requires the submission of regular progress report within 12 months of each grant payment.

Please note that if your organisation received a multi-year grant and requires a grant instalment, you must provide the Trust with a tax invoice along with your progress report. Steps on how to prepare a tax invoice for your grant were provided in the initial letter advising of receipt of a grant. The Trust requires reports be submitted using the Progress or Final report template. These templates can be found in the top right-hand corner of this page.

Acknowledging the Ross Trust

The Trust does not require grant recipients to publicise any grants received from the Trust. If you wish to acknowledge the assistance of the Trust, we’ve set out some Acknowledgement Guide.


The Trust welcomes feedback on its Guidelines and application forms and is interested in hearing from members of the general community about any areas of high need where the Trust may be able to achieve a positive impact. Contact us.