R E Ross Trust Capacity Building Program

In July 2012, the Ross Trust launched the Small Grants for Capacity Building Program to provide one off small grants designed to support organisations build their capacity either financially or organisationally. Organisations are able to apply directly to the Trust for grants of up to $10,000 for one-off projects.

The Trust considers projects that:

Strengthen an organisation by:

  • Strategic, business or operational planning
  • Board development and governance
  • Staff training and leadership development
  • Improving back office functions such as IT, HR and financial management
  • Risk, change management and business continuity.

Build organisational sustainability by:

  • Improving communications, marketing and fundraising
  • Using the Ross Trust Prospectus Framework to improve the organisation’s communications with potential donors.

Trustees prioritise requests that:

  • Strengthen management systems and governance
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation
  • Build the organisation’s capacity to access funding
  • Show evidence of why the intervention is needed, based on an organisational assessment
  • Are able to demonstrate how the initiative will improve the service delivery for its beneficiaries
  • Take into consideration the ongoing maintenance and review of the proposed initiative.

The Small Grants Program is supported by a series of peer-to-peer roundtables around issues of capacity building and financial sustainability. The roundtables are an opportunity for community sector CEOs and senior managers to share ideas and discuss experiences and challenges around building and strengthening sustainable organisations. Previous topics have included planning, measuring success and value-based marketing.