Successful applicants

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Are there any obligations if a grant is awarded?

All grants are made subject to the standard grant conditions. Please see forms for more information.

If I am successful how long will it be before I receive the funding?

Once your application is approved, the Trust will contact you within two weeks to request a tax invoice and bank details (please ensure your BSB, account number and ABN are listed on the tax invoice). A bank transfer will be made approximately one week after these details have been provided.

Does the grant include GST?

The grant we pay your organisation will not include GST.

Where can I obtain a copy of your logo to acknowledge your contribution to our organisation?

The Trust does not actively seek publicity but is happy to provide a logo if it will benefit the organisation, for example, to assist in leveraging additional funding from others.  Please see forms for the acknowledgement guide.

What if my project is taking longer than expected, can I get an extension in my reporting schedule?

The Trust recognises that at times during a project things don’t go to plan. If you are struggling to meet your reporting deadlines or if you need to extend the project completion date, please contact the Trust in writing outlining the reason(s) for the delay. This will be assessed and an extension given where appropriate.

What if I do not spend all the money?

Once the project is complete a final report must be submitted to the Trust acquitting the funds spent and disclosing the remaining monies. A Trust staff member will contact you to discuss the best use for this additional money, this could be to redirect the funding to another need within the organisation or return it to the Trust.

What if my project goes over budget?

The Trust will only consider grant increases in extremely exceptional circumstances. If your project appears to be going over budget you should contact the Trust as soon as possible for advice on revising your project timeline, sourcing additional funding and your reporting requirements.

Can I talk to other successful applicants about their Trust funded project?

The Trust encourages both applicants and grantees to network and discuss best practice projects. The Trust will endeavour to keep the website updated with regular case studies on successful projects. Please contact us if you have any questions on a specific project or if you would like to get in touch with one of our grantees.

If I am successful in receiving a grant, what type of reporting will the Trust expect?
The Trust requires a Final Report and financial acquittal at the project’s completion. Please refer to forms for reporting templates and more information.
I would like to submit a progress/acquittal report. What is the procedure for this?
Can I use the funding received from the Trust for another project if my original project is cancelled?

If the funding from the Trust is going to be used for anything other than what is specified in the original application, it needs to be approved by the Trust. Please contact us to discuss any changes to your project.