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Congratulations Margarita for 21 years with the Ross Trust

7 Jul 2022

 Margarita, who holds a Bachelor of Arts in Youth Affairs, initially joined us in an administration role. Over the years, Margarita has adapted as her role evolved and her core responsibilities now include managing our IT and office, supporting our CEO Sarah Hardy, and liaising with our Trustees. She has seen a lot of change in the sector in the past two decades.  

“When I started, we needed our grant applicants to provide seven hard copies,” she says. “That was quite an onus on small grant seekers and I’m glad we’ve been able to make things easier as the years have passed. The last thing the applicants want is to have to spend a lot of time on administration as it can take time away from their core business of delivering programs.”  

“I like that we are a flexible and approachable organisation. When people call, they can always speak to somebody who can answer their questions. We always had positive feedback from our recipients, and it’s wonderful to see the work they do.”