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Educational Equity smart grants on hold to allow for bushfire and coronavirus response

22 Jun 2020

The Ross Trust Trustees have kept a strong focus throughout the last few months, both on how to continue to deliver on our strategy, whilst also responding to the immediate issues at hand; the bushfires and coronavirus impacts.

We’ve made several important commitments for the next financial year:
• We will continue granting in our two dedicated funding priorities – educational equity and biodiversity conservation. Within these two funding areas, priority will be given to organisations, communities and schools impacted by the bushfires and/or coronavirus.
• We will consider both immediate and long-term needs in communities most affected by these crises.
• We will continue to grant in 2020-21, with an overall increase in our annual grant allocation.

The Trust has already made a significant number of grant commitments into the next financial year due to awarding many multi-year grants, we have already allocated some of the available funds for the financial year 2020 - 21. We have therefore made the decision to put on hold the Educational Equity Smart Grants until the end of 2020. Biodiversity Conservation Smart Grant applications, remain open.

Whilst the first half of 2020 has been – and continues to be – an enormous challenge for us all, we look forward to working with and learning from our current and new grant partners and their work, into the second half of this year. We hope the focus for everyone is on recovery, rebuild and connection to family, friends and community.

Stay well and safe.

Sarah Hardy
CEO, the Ross Trust