The Ross Trust

Our vision:

To create positive social and environmental change so Victorians can thrive.

Our mission:

We address disadvantage, inequity and facilitate change by:

  • delivering educational opportunities for vulnerable young Victorians,
  • enhancing biodiversity for the sustainability of Victoria’s native flora, fauna and ecosystems, and
  • maintaining the flexibility to respond to Victorians in crisis and work collaboratively to build the capacity of the philanthropic and social sector.

How we work:

The Ross Trust is a compassionate and responsive philanthropic leader. We act with integrity and work transparently to foster ideas and innovation, achieve long-term impact and systemic change.

Our values:

  • Ethical
  • Sustainable
  • Innovative
  • Adaptive
  • Compassionate

The Ross Trust is grateful for the foresight and philanthropy of our benefactor, the late Roy Everard Ross.

Photo: a student from Thomastown Secondary College participating in a STEM program