Rural community resilience

We are currently not accepting applications for this focus area.

The Ross Trust is one of four Victorian philanthropics that have joined forces in a unique $5 million partnership with the Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal (FRRR). Investing in Rural Community Futures (IRCF) will strengthen the capacity and resilience of Victorian communities over the next five years. For more information read here

This change is in recognition that communities are best placed to recognise, develop, plan and prepare for their own issues and crisis. With the potential for more frequent and severe climate-related disasters, changes in rural townships economic sustainability and prosperity - rural communities require support to identify and address their own level of resilience and capacity to prepare and respond.

By directing funding towards rural communities' ability to become resilient, we hope to enable regions to proactively respond to and mitigate the impacts of natural disasters and/or other local issues and crises. We believe that potentially strengthening the social and economic fabric of rural communities can foster long-term resilience that will not only benefit the communities themselves but also contribute to the preservation of biodiversity despite mounting challenges.

Our Rural Community Resilience funding priority is focussed on rural communities' ability to become resilient, and proactively respond to and mitigate the impacts of natural disasters and other local community crises. It is informed by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 5, Achieve gender equality, and empower all women and girls, and Goal 10, Reduce inequality within and among countries.