Social Justice

These grants are invitation only.

If you wish to express initial interest, please contact us.

From 1 July 2024, The Ross Trust will introduce Social Justice grants to address human rights, social justice inequities and provide access to social justice services for vulnerable cohorts in Victoria.

Various social and economic inequalities are leaving many vulnerable populations in dire need of support. The cost of living; housing affordability, food security, mental health, and access to legal support are having a deep impact on the most vulnerable populations.

We have refined our granting approach to address social injustices and violations of basic human rights, with a focus on women, First Nations Peoples, refugee and asylum seekers, ethnic groups, and LGBTI+ groups.

Our Social Justice Grants funding priority is focused on addressing social injustices and violations of human rights. It is informed by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 5, Achieve gender equality, and empower all women and girls, and Goal 10, Reduce inequality within and among countries.