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Celebrating 50 years of working across Victoria

14 Oct 2021

The Ross Trust has a long, proud history of making a positive impact to people’s lives through supporting vulnerable groups and communities, and educational and environmental causes.

Our founder, the late Roy Everard Ross, could probably not have foreseen how far and wide his philanthropy has reached to help Victorians thrive.  

The Trust has provided support after natural disasters such as bushfires, storms, and floods, and now, in the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the Trust has a focus on human rights, in particular asylum seekers, who Mr Ross might not have imagined would be a focus of his legacy.  

In the past year, among other projects, the Trust has:  

  • provided $90,000 to The Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund Inc for emergency cash relief after floods,
  • committed $1 million over five years to Watertrust Australia, which aims to improve the way decisions are made about water and catchments across Australia, and
  • granted $120,000 to SharingStories Foundation for a cultural education portal, to support culturally safe learning environments for First Nations students.

They are all grants of which Roy Everard Ross would be proud. He was an astute investor and entrepreneur who was at various times a surveyor, local government engineer, naval officer, and quarry owner.  In 1970, his will established the Trust with a clear objective to support charities and charitable purposes in perpetuity. 

The Trusts vision is to create positive social and environmental change so Victorians can thrive. It addresses disadvantage, inequity and facilitate change by: 

  • delivering educational opportunities for vulnerable young Victorians,
  • enhancing biodiversity for the sustainability of Victoria’s native flora, fauna, and ecosystems, and
  • maintaining the flexibility to respond to Victorians in crisis and work collaboratively to build the capacity of the philanthropic and social sector. 

The Ross Trust’s wholly owned subsidiary, Hillview Quarries (HQV) gives 100 per cent of its net profits to the Trust.

We welcome all to read more about our history,  our grant recipients, and how organisations can apply for funding