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Measurement, Evaluation and Learning

What is the purpose of Measurement, Evaluation and Learning?
The Ross Trust sees Measurement, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) as an important part of supporting learning and future decision-making. It is designed to help the Trust, our partners and the broader philanthropic sector. Our MEL will help you tell the story of your grant outcomes while helping Ross Trust to capture the wider legacy, impact and outcomes of our grantmaking.

What are the outcomes we're looking for?

The outcomes we are looking for from our granting are set out in the Ross Trust Theories of Change for Biodiversity Conservation and Educational Equity. As part of your grant application, you will have set clear objectives for your project that align with a specific lever for change from one of these theories of change. You will be asked to measure and evaluate your progress against these outcomes. Responsive grant recipients will be required to report against their objectives and measurements, changes and learnings and Most Significant Change stories.

What are the requirements for grantees?
Reporting is the main way we are asking you to participate in the Ross Trust MEL. As part of your grant, Ross Trust requires online annual progress reports and a final report within two months of completion of your project. In your grant reporting, we will ask you to:

  • Tell us how your project is progressing towards its stated objectives, including reporting against relevant indicators.
  • Provide summaries of Most Significant Change stories that we will follow-up with you. Note: Most Significant Change stories are mandatory for final reporting for Challenge and Change and Advocacy grants and optional for Smart Grants. (Mandatory for Responsive Grant progress and final reporting). Information on Most Significant Change technique is available here.
  • Share your lessons learnt and any changes you have made to implementation.

Grantee survey
Once a year, we will ask you to complete a short anonymous online survey on your experience working with us as grantmakers. This survey gives us an opportunity to improve how we work with you and other project partners. A survey request will be sent via email.